The second year of our MNE subsidiary – ABBA Montenegro d.o.o.

Exactly two years ago on 17th of February 2015 ABBA MONTENEGRO d.o.o. was founded in Podgorica (Montenegro) as a FinTech company specialized in implementation and maintenance of advanced banking IT solutions.


The company was founded by ABBA d.o.o. from Osijek, a manufacturer of software solutions for financial institutions, which has solutions for full OmniChannel Banking  in its portfolio. For  the anniversary, CEO Ivica Hasanec gave a statement for the the most influential Montenegrin business portal  „Our decision to come to Podgorica and Montenegro is constantly being re-confirmed as correct. Last year we employed efficient people and we hope we will employ more like them.  At the end of September 2016, our first ABBA MONTENEGRO conference for financial institutions was successfully held in Podgorica. There we announced also our new mobile banking oTmBanking®. We gained some very valuable bank contacts and, actually, all the projects were successful so I can only be optimistic due to that.”


ABBA Montenegro’s sales and marketing assistant Katarina Šabeljić announced a demo version of the new product: “Shortly, we will release the demo version of the mobile banking oTmBanking® (on-the-move Banking Solution) and all the banks in Montenegro will be notified. Then, all potential users of our mobile banking will be able to try our mobile solution, for which we believe to be the future of mobile banking. ABBA designed this solution to be attractive in its basic version to both small and medium banks who might think they could not afford the solutions used by large banks. In its full version, this solution suits the largest of banks. As far as functionality goes, it is the best mobile solution in the region: it is very intuitive and simple to use.”