The new ABBA oTmBanking® is live at KentBank d.d.!

The new ABBA oTmBanking® (mobile banking for iOS and Android) is live at KentBank d.d., the fastest growing bank in Croatia. Their success continues…



SEEBIZ: “In August, we were able to successfully introduce mobile banking m-Kent. It’s a modern, very functional and intuitive service. The new features are: a unique platform for retail and business, the possibility of dividing transactions into installments, login via fingerprint scans, contracting savings, 2D bar code or complete slips scan, buying vouchers and others.”

Ivo Bilić, chairman of the Board, KentBank



SUVREMENA: KentBank has, in the first half of 2017., continued a trend of achieving positive results, which began back in 2015., making its profit in the first six months of 2017. 4.4 million HRK.



LIDER: In the first half of 2017. in KentBank, credit growth was 8% which has contributed to the growth of interest income, and also achieved growth of net interest income by 18% compared to the same period last year.



oTmBanking® (on-the-move Banking Solution) is mobile banking that can be used on the move, regardless of the user’s location. The iOS and Android smartphone application is safe and fully-integrated with the ABOS NovoDoba® banking system, which enables its users to quickly and efficiently access funds on accounts that are open in the bank.