NovoDoba® – Persistent progress

NovoDoba® OmniChannel Banking System has again made significant progress, especially when compared to last year. On 30.06.2017 the version v5.13.22 was released, as proof of the continuous progress of the most innovative banking system.


The complexity of the NovoDoba® OmniChannel Banking System has again increased, so currently within the system it is possible to assign 1413 different rights. 72 of those refer to access to specific Services or Modules, and 1341 rights enable specific operations and work – e.g. right to view specific data, prepare or perform operations. Compared to the version which was “in production“ a year ago (June 2016.), that is an increase of 470 different rights regarding added services, features and functionalities!


High parameterability remains one of Systems greatest advantages. An interesting fact which confirms this is the possibility of the introduction of new banking products (new loans, savings…) to production within time frames of less than one hour!


In other words, a process that can take up to several days (weeks) in competing systems, and that involves communication and interaction of bank’s various business departments with the bank’s IT and Organization department as well as with the IT system supplier, in the NovoDoba® system can be done within one hour just by bank’s business departments, and without the need to involve the bank’s IT or ABBA as their vendor.