Probably the best gift that one can get for the holidays is the ability to work and earn money…


ABBA/Mbanq are looking for a larger number of developers, analysts, designers of IT systems and banking and financial experts… The global market brings new demands and our team will significantly grow, both in Croatia and Montenegro.  The profile of the people we are looking for is that they have a positive attitude and are willing to learn and to thrive, that they have excellent computer skills, and that they are on a first-name basis with maths and/or programming.


We work in C# and T-SQL technology, and our seniors are always ready to help out with a word of advice and examples, especially if you are enthusiastic for any kind of learning.  We are looking for both juniors and seniors, and the income and benefits are arranged for each person individually.  Formal education is not a requirement, and we offer the possibility to accomplish additional formal education at foreign universities.  We would love to see additional mathematicians, students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, but also economists in their fields, and we would also be happy if you previously worked in a bank.


It doesn’t matter if you are a grandmother of grandfather, or if you have a living great-grandmother, that means that we do not discriminate by age, gender, skin color…  The job is the development of a financial software, primarily Bank software, and the area of expertise covers the complete work of the bank, all their external links/connections; turnovers, SWIFT, card business, regulatory reporting, Blockchain implementation into traditional banking…


If you are ready for new challenges, positive and pleasant work environment in a team where everyone has the common desire to create the best banking software, and a team which works all around the world, from California (USA) through Germany, back to Croatia and Montenegro, feel free to send your CV in English to the e-mail: