High efficiency of NovoDoba® support confirmed in 2016!

On the last day of the year 2016, we summarized the ratings given by our clients/partners through the HOGAR HelpDesk system. Once again, the efficiency of support provided to the users of our advanced solutions was confirmed. HOGAR contains ratings of support provided to users of ABBA solutions. Various aspects such as speed, quality and helpfulness of each ABBA employee is rated after every completed task (from 1 to 10), after which we receive an overall rating of each task accepted by the client. The overall average rating given by users of integrated ABBA FinTech solutions on the basis of 1601 tasks in 2016 (01.01.2016-30.12.2016) is 9.75!


The very high average rating in 2016 was maintained despite a great increase in the number of completed tasks in the previous year and despite several very large projects completed during the year, for which ABBA allocated substantial resources. The number of tasks increased by 830 compared to 2015.