ABOS v6 Digital Core – Q3 2018

ABOS Digital Core has also in its version 6 continued to extend. On August 6th 2018 the version v6.1.22 is „in production“. Our Digital Universal Banking Solution has again increased functionality, so currently within the system it is possible to assign 1504 different rights. 66 of those refer to access to specific Services or Modules, and 1438 rights enable specific operations and work – e.g. right to view specific data, prepare or perform operations.


Gen2 DigitalCore ABOSv6 is designed for universal and crypto banks and offers real-time data capabilities that can be deployed in the cloud, or on-premise. ABOS DigitalCore provides Multi-currency accounts with seamless support for crypto, loyalty and fiat currencies. In the newest version significant improvement was made in the Master data/CIF (Client Information Form) Module with built-in extra controls and checks. For each client the operator needs to enter the minimum amount of data which depend on the product or transaction process of the customer. All mandatory fields must be filled out otherwise they will be labeled as fileds with missing data, making it impossible to save progress unless all mandatory data is entered.

The change is done in accordance with AML and GDPR.