ABBA/Mbanq oTmBanking® is among the Top 30 mobile applications that will improve your lifestyle

VIDI, one of the leading Croatian magazines specialized in IT has put together a list of Top 30 Croatian applications containing mKent, which is ABBA/Mbanq oTmBanking® (on-the-move Banking)- mobile banking for Android and iOS electronic devices.

VIDI has noted that the mobile application market is rapidly growing, and that the applications are getting better, more interesting and more useful. Domestic developers are not falling behind and their applications are extremely innovative and well developed.

Almost all companies from various industries that care about their reputation, own their own application which they use as a solution for numerous problems their users encounter, and the experts from the magazine VIDI have downloaded about a hundred apps and selected the top 30 of them, which they think should be downloaded on your smartphone.

Whether it’s about informative apps or those that are used for digital payments, online shopping or banking services, VIDI thinks that these apps will enhance and improve lifestyle quality of every person on the move, and that is why they highly recommended them.

“KentBank mobile banking has a unique functionality that offers breaking down into installments for all transactions which the client has made at the point of sale (POS). m-Kent applications points out with the simplest interface in which a special emphasis is put on the user experience. During the project creation, the integrated online system was created with a high level of automatic actions in order to reach more efficiency and process reliability.

The application was not made on the principal of blind-copying the existing systems, but rather with careful consideration and research in order to avoid mistakes and flaws present on the market. For example, the main goal was to have the best support for the PhotoPay functionality, since it is one of the most commonly used features. Clients have the possibility of handling their private accounts and their business accounts through this unique application. We would also like to point out to the functionality of breaking down into installments for all transactions which the client has made in the retail store, without paying fees and interest. The functionality which offers breaking down transactions into installments via mobile banking is a unique feature on the market.

When developing mobile banking, the system implemented enables simple handling of both private and business accounts, without the need to log out or to log in with a different user account, which is very practical. After activating, the client choses the PIN. In case the device supports it, the client can turn ON the Touch ID authentication. The PIN is, of course, still used for transaction authorization, but when checking account turnover and balance, which is the most common activity, the whole process is greatly enhanced and accelerated.

The application takes up between 42 and 45 MB, depending on the version (iOS or Android) and is updated every few months because the Bank tries to follow the new mobile phone trends and add new functionalities.

The precondition for owning internet services, and also the m-Kent application, is a transaction account open in KenBank. The user logs into the application with the PIN which is also used when authorizing transactions.

The application m-Kent was released last summer, to be exact in August 2017, and because of the interest of the clients it has shown to be a success. The number of new users of the m-Kent application increases each month for 25%! That means that in 2018, a strong growth of the application usage is expected, keeping in mind the positive reactions of the clients while presenting this product, but also because of especially positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Special attention is given to the feedback of the clients which use the m-Kent services, and they are exceptionally positive. KentBank has developed the mobile banking service with the company ABBA d.o.o. from Osijek, with who they have been successfully working with for many years. ABBA shares the vision and sense of the importance of digital banking development, together with KentBank, and they been developing their digital core exactly in that direction.”