Mbanq is the producer of highly efficient and modular Digital Banking Solutions and

trendsetter in development of sophisticated software solutions for Financial Institutions!

ABBA d.o.o.  (Today Mbanq d.o.o.) was founded in January 2001 in Osijek (Croatia), and since then has continuously introduced new trends in business software. Business orientation regarding the current production was adopted in 2002 when the focus became the development of FinTech Services and Solutions. The first implementation of our integrated banking system NovoDoba® was performed on January 1st 2004 with an exclusive contract. ABBA@NetBanking® was placed into production even earlier, on March 6th 2003 as one of the first Internet banking solutions in the SEE region.  The names / stamps / trademarks NovoDoba®, VirtualniKreditniOdbori®,  ABBA@NetBanking®, NetMandatPortal® and oTmBanking® are protected by the Intellectual Property Office. In April 2017 ABBA became part of Mbanq and changed the name to Mbanq d.o.o..


Mbanq d.o.o. is ISO 9001:2008 QMS and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certified

for the development of banking and business application solutions.

2002ABBA experts analyze banking business
March 2003ABBA@NetBanking® 24/7/365 Internet banking in production as one of the first Internet banking solutions in SEE region
January 2004Advanced Banking System NovoDoba® - The first implementation (exclusive contract)
May 2005Loan approval and automatic credit-scoring solution VirtulniKreditniOdbori® in production
October 2011ABOS NovoDoba® v5 introduced at an international conference for financial institutions
January 2013Just 109 days for ABOS NovoDoba® implementation and full data migration in a Croatian bank
July 2014ABBA opened its Business & Education Center for trainings and workshops
April 2015ABBA MONTENEGRO performed the fastest and most efficient implementation of a banking system in the SEE region ever
2015ABBA@NetBanking® v3, SmartOS, and NetMandatPortal® in production
September 2016The mobile banking of the future oTmBanking® presented at the Conference "Mobility in the financial sector of the future" (Podgorica, Montenegro)
April 2017ABBA became part of Mbanq.
June 2018Gen2 DigitalCore ABOS NovoDoba® v6, goes live in .NET technology

All recent major implementations were performed according to plans and with expected results. Our experts expanded their experience in data migration from various systems (INFIN, BankSoft, Tempus, BSS, FIBAS, BankUp…), databases, and communication and development methodologies (IBM DB2, Oracle, Cobol, Informix, MySQL..) once again proving that they are the greatest experts in implementation and data migration in the SEE region.

Powering the future of banking!


Our vision is Mbanq as a global supplier of FinTech Services and Solutions, provider of full business process oriented IT support to Traditional and Digital Banks, and a trendsetter in development of sophisticated software solutions for Digital Banking.


Our strategy is to connect and cooperate with strong partners which have competences in different areas, in order to offer the best possible support for Traditional and Digital Banks. We will continue to consider our clients as our partners and deliver them High Level Service cost effectively.


In addition to continuous improvement of the quality and speed of our Solutions, main objectives are even higher modularity, parametrability and flexibility, which provide to banks that use our OmniChannel Banking System the opportunity to operate as modern and flexible Financial Institutions that can quickly respond to all market demands. We will further enhance the ability to respond to all requests in the shortest timeframe and provide them the maximum automation of banking processes.


Our goal is to be an extremely efficient provider of FinTech Services and Solutions with highly sophisticated products, and to collaborate with clients/partners at the highest level. Ultimately, we want to provide our customers Banking Solutions with greater efficiency, with a higher degree of automation and integration based on a modern and stable platform, easier system maintenance, easier reporting, and higher quality support.