ABBA supports the fastest growing bank in Croatia!

ABBA’s NovoDoba® OmniChannel Banking System is enabling the fastest growing bank in Croatia – KentBank!


We would like to congratulate our partner KentBank d.d. Zagreb – let’s continue together with digital transformation!

Seebiz –  “KentBank has begun a deposit collection service in the German, Austrian and Dutch markets.”

Suvremena – “Increase of the number of accounts by 39%, increase in term deposits by 46%!”

Poslovni – “Implementation of new internet and mobile banking has been announced before the end of 2017, and four innovations in the segment of e-banking have been pointed out. Simultaneous access to all private and business accounts using the same application, the possibility to process SEPA transactions in Croatian kuna and Euro within Croatia and Eurozone. Dividing individual card transactions into more installments, and blocking banking cards via mobile application.”

Jutarnji – “This data shows that KentBank is the fastest growing bank in Croatia, with one of the lowest rates of non-performing loans.”

Lider – “Profit has more than doubled compared to 2015, and assets grew by 57 percent.”