ABBA oTmBanking® implementation starts at Banka Kovanica d.d.

ABBA oTmBanking® (mobile banking for iOS and Android) implementation starts at Banka Kovanica d.d., the bank with the best ROE among comparable banks in Croatia. ABBA technology that is used by Banka Kovanica is one of the keys to their success…


Kovanica’s CEO Mr. Nicola Ceccaroli gave an interview for Vecernji list regarding the results, technology and their plans:


“Technology breaks down the traditional meaning of the economy of scale, you no longer need to be a giant to be competitive.”


“I always remember what Bill Gates said in the 1990s: “banking is necessary, banks are not”. Technology will change it forever and for the better. It’s a good thing that technology is inexpensive. We are also developing the most up-to-date mobile platform, and our partner in implementation is ABBA Osijek.”


“We are not a price leader in the market but we are faster and more flexible, and we have a more personal approach. Price is an essential component, but it is also a part of the overall user experience. Our goal is to blend the benefits of technology and the personal approach to customers.”