ABBA and GAUSS signed the Contract on business-technical cooperation and announced ABBA oTmBanking®

After identifying common interests for business cooperation tied to strengthening their market position and development of key competencies with the goal of increasing competitiveness, cost optimization and upgrading and broadening their product offer, the companies ABBA d.o.o. from Osijek and GAUSS d.o.o. from Vukovar signed a Contract on business-technical cooperation in Bilje near Osijek on 09.09.2016.


On behalf of the company GAUSS d.o.o., the contract was signed by Ivan Lozančić and, on behalf of ABBA d.o.o., by Ivica Hasanec. Both of them regard the contract between GAUSS and ABBA as an important step forward for both companies. Already during the signing preparations, the contracting parties regarded their strategical plans as complementary, and considered that close cooperation and joint work something of mutual business interest.


GAUSS is an agency for developing quality web and mobile solutions, and possesses a team of experts from various fields, which is ready to successfully complete complex ICT projects. The advantages of ABBA’s FinTech Services and Solutions are currently possessed by 8 financial institutions in Croatia and Montenegro Together, GAUSS and ABBA employ almost 100 IT and banking experts.


CEOs Ivica Hasanec (ABBA) and Ivan Lozančić (GAUSS)