ABBA at the conference Innovations on Banking CE!

INNOVATIONS ON BANKING CE is the name of the banking conference held in Prague, Czech Republic on October 13 and 14, 2016 and was attended by ABBA d.o.o. representatives.


The conference amassed 87 participants from 19 countries, among which were numerous market leaders (SAP, pwc, VASCO, VISA…) The topics of the lectures were the newest trends and challenges in the digital distribution channel, mobile payments, artificial intelligence and database analysis, all with the goal to reach excellence in distribution and growth invitiation.


One of the speakers on the first day of the INNOVATIONS ON BANKING CE conference was the board advisor of ABBA d.o.o. Karlo Kosina, who gave a speech on the evolution of banking systems and their future. His presentation sparked great interest among the participants, especially the part in which he talked about SmartMobile applications for bank clients and MobileBI applications for bank management.


Karlo presented many examples through which he explained what ABBA achieved by automating certain processes in the banking business, which brings equal profit to both ABBA’s partner banks and bank clients. Afterwards, he presented his vision of the “Bank office of tomorrow” and announced the direction ABBA will be taking in the years to come.


ABBA d.o.o. representatives used the occasion to, alongside introducing themselves to banks from numerous countries, introduce themselves to FinTech companies which participated in this interesting conference and familiarized them with their work. ABBA’s positive experience with data migration and solution and product implementation were particularly interesting to their colleagues from the many European companies. The efficiency displayed by ABBA during data migration and implementation of products and solutions is not common even among many large FinTech companies, so they wanted to hear more about ABBA’s data migration and implementation methods in ensuing discussions. Considering that these companies are either market leaders or have the potential to become that, ABBA did not dismiss the possibility of more intense cooperation with some of them.


The organizers from the EURO EVENTS company thanked the representatives of ABBA d.o.o. for their participation and invited them to attend the next INNOVATIONS ON BANKING CE conference.