2018 – the year of NovoDoba® v6

Compared to last year, the most innovative banking system has made significant progress again. On January 3rd 2018 the version v5.14.0 of the NovoDoba® OmniChannel Banking System is in production. Within the system it is now possible to assign 1482 different rights, or 105 rights more than last year at this time. 72 of those refer to access to specific Services or Modules, and 1410 rights enable specific operations and work – e.g. right to view specific data, prepare or perform operations.


The work, on the version v6.0, which in .NET technology will mark a new technological and business breakthrough, is near completion and the version v6.0 will be published in Q2 2018.


The one thing is especially important to understand the efficiency of the system. Namely, the SSOT database in which every data element is stored exactly once, and it contains all the bank’s data. Which means we created the Single Source of Truth information system in which everyone in the Bank uses the same data.