14 years of ABBA @ NetBanking® – 24/7/365 Internet banking solution

On this day in 2003 ABBA@NetBanking® 24/7/365 Internet Banking Solution, was released into production. At that time ABBA@NetBanking® was one of the first solutions for Internet banking in SEE region, a Solution which enabled small and medium-sized banks to offer this service, which then only the largest banks could offer to their clients. To this day it remained a significant feature of all ABBA solution for financial institutions, since they provide to ABBA’s custumers (mainly small and medium-sized banks) the ability to operate operate as the largest banks. At the same time, thanks to automatization and optimization of processes, they are maintaining low business costs. Therefore it can be said that banks working on ABBA Solutions are staying small only by costs – by the scope of their offered banking products they act as the largest.


When it comes to technology, ABBA@NetBanking® 24/7/365 remained all this time on a familiar Microsoft technology, but of course has made a significant progress. Since first version that was in PHP technology to the latest version that is heading to production, and in which ABBA is transfering to another concept of designing applications – MCV ( Model View Controller) progress has been continuous. MCV will enable faster and easier development and maintenance, and by applying SPA (single page application module) also much better user experience.