ABOS NovoDoba® is a proactive and predictive Blockchain ready System that supports

Cryptocurrencies and is powering the future of banking.


The System provides Multi-currency accounts with seamless support for Cryptocurrencies,

Loyalty and Fiat currencies, and uses breakthrough ABOS DigitalCore as the platform


ABOS DigitalCore is designed for universal and crypto banks and offers

real-time data capabilities that can be deployed in the cloud, or on-premise

ABOS DigitalCore 


ABOS NovoDoba® is a series of integrated, functional Services / Modules that enables Financial Institutions to place their customers at the center of their business strategy, while simultaneously enabling the institution to spread and develop its own strategy in order to improve services and efficiency. The solution is completely modular and can be designed to meet the needs of financial institutions of any level. The System can be delivered in a fully-managed Software as a Service model.

Due to its exceptional change management possibilities, and high flexibility and connectivity ABOS Digital Core provides full support for Traditional banks, Neo-banks, Electronic Money Institutions and FinTechs.

Significant features


Traditional banking (Retail, Corporate, Private...) combined with innovative multi-channel Digital platforms (Internet banking, on-the-move banking Solution). All Channels are Connected and Consistent, Equivalent and Interchangeable!


High level of security through multiple levels of user access permissions definition. Detailed overview of user's security log.


Completely BusinessProcessOriented solution, simple user interface, easy to use, quick to master, very fast implementation...


System ultimately enables Financial Institutions to entirely dedicate to their business and enables them not only to view, but also to manage changes in a very advanced way...


The SSOT database contains all the bank's data (including DMS). Every data element is stored exactly once - everyone in the organization uses the same data "real-time"!


Our ProductDesigner enables the fastest creation and introduction of new products (loans, deposits...). Unlimited number of account types. Unlimited number of lines/models for each type. Full parameterization of all types of fees.


Use of only those components that relate to current operations of the bank, with the possibility of activating new functional Services / Modules according to business expansion or business needs.


Multiple interfaces with external systems. All Channels use ABBA StoPros, and are connected to the same DataBase!


Executive Director, Zapad Banka AD

Member of Supervisory Board, PJSC BANK VOSTOK

Capterra review

In 2015 NovoDoba® was implemented in Zapad Banka AD Podgorica being the first experience for ABBA in Montenegro and the fastest implementation of core banking system I ever heard of. The system was changed significantly to comply with local legal and operational requirements and to provide additional flexibility for transactions with clients. I suppose NovoDoba is the most cost-effective solution in Montenegrin market providing great options for further improvements."


CEO, KentBank d.d.

Letter of recommendation

NovoDoba® is an integrated core banking system of KentBank, that covers a large number of business processes of the bank through a whole series of modules, from the General Ledger all the way to digital channels (mobile and internet banking). Through extensive parametrization, it is possible to significantly adjust the system to our needs and/or introduce new products, without the need for further development. Thanks to that, system maintenance, further fine-tuning and introducing new modules, has been considerably eased and very cost-efficient. The system has, during the last few years, through the collaboration of KentBank’s and ABBA’s teams of experts, significantly enhanced and expanded with additional modules, in accordance with the requirements of the bank. The user interface is easy to use and largely automated, and in production, the system has proved stable work, while if there are any problems, they are quickly resolved. In the end, the integrated online system enables the Bank cost-efficiency, flexibility and the ability to quickly respond and adjust to regulatory and market conditions."


CEO, PSI d.o.o.

Capterra review

Pros are excellent engine and features, minimized requirement for HW platform, fast and cost effective support. In general, NovoDoba® is extremely cost effective banking software solution."


Former CEO, BSD d.d.

ABBA Newsletter

The bank has implemented a number of new features that have passed all tests and are functioning properly in everyday practice, in the customer relationship and with regulators in a relatively short period along with key IT outsourcing partner ABBA. So it can be concluded that the IT system significantly contributed to the automation and rationalization of Banks business."


CIO, KentBank d.d.

Microsoft Pinpoint Review

NovoDoba® Core Banking System pros are deployment speed, reasonable price, very fast development and delivery of new features/requests, integrated solution with many Modules for Banks, adapted to local needs and requirements, integrated regulatory reporting, integrated interfaces for external system (e.g. payment system). Also, very important, creative approach in solving business needs - thinking with the customer and giving creative ideas how to solve the business problem (not being just programmers, but partners with deep understanding of business processes)."


Partner account manager LAR, Microsoft Croatia 

LinkedIn Recommendations

NovoDoba® Core Banking System is great solution that brings lots of innovations to banking business."


Former CEO, NAVA Banka d.d.

LinkedIn Recommendations

NovoDoba® Core Banking System is innovative product, covers wide range of banking products, highly automated. Experienced team of IT professionals continuously work on developing new modules and options."


Head of Accounting and Controlling, BPC d.d.

Capterra review

Customer support is probably the biggest value, together with the ABBA's prompt reaction. Application is very user-friendly. There are still some features to be developed, but it should be an easy task because of high quality programmers. I would highly recommend NovoDoba® as extremely reliable and user-friendly system, backed up by a great team of developers."


Internal Audit Director, KentBank d.d.

Microsoft Pinpoint Review

NovoDoba® is an integrated solution, employees have high level of banking knowledge and business processes, fast development and good quality of new deliverables, work well under a lot of stress."


CEO, Banka Kovanica d.d.

Jutarnji list / novac.hr

In 2014 Kovanica Bank was a ugly duckling among comparable banks in Croatia, and today it is a swan... Once you start restructuring, lowering costs should become your top priority since day one. We started with the IT Sector, questioned our key providers, and have hired a new domestic provider from Osijek, the company ABBA. We have reached double digit savings while improving the quality and efficiency of the system."


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